Having trouble understanding and interpreting paper documents? Our OpenText Scanning & Capture solution brings value to unstructured data through intelligent recognition functions. This solution digitizes & automates content to capture processes with searchable metadata. The ultimate goal is to maximize the efficiency and cost savings in capturing of all enterprise content and managing it consistently within your information governance program.

Key Highlights

OpenText Capture & OCR solutions helps organizations to automatically capture and interpret paper documents, scanned images, email, and faxes using sophisticated document and character recognition software. Key benefits include:

Improve accuracy:

Reduce errors and improve the quality of data entering your ECM or ERP systems through rule-based classification, extraction, and verification. One-click and manual exception handling further improves accuracy.

Minimize integration effort:

Leverage your existing multifunctional printers, high-end scanning devices, file system folders, email servers, Microsoft SharePoint servers, and FTP sites as sources for documents, forms, and faxes.

Take advantage of advanced technology:

Leverage the most advanced tools in the market to extract information using a range of data extraction methods: barcode, patch code, optical mark recognition, forms reading, free forms recognition, database-driven recognition, and Adaptive Reading Technology.

Improve compliance:

Reduce delays and compliance issues by controlling incoming documents and connecting them with transactions as soon as they enter your organization. Transfer inbound documents to frontline workers faster.

Customize quickly:

Use the APIs to customize and deliver project-specific code at almost any step of the recognition process to meet your specific business requirements.

Our Capabilities

We offer the following comprehensive services:

  • Architecture, Design & Implementation of OpenText Capture & OCR Platform
  • Integration Services with 3 rd Party Systems such as SAP ERP, SAP CRM, OpenText ECM, BPM, Oracle ERP etc.
  • Consulting & Implementation of Scanning & OCR Platform
  • Migration & Version Upgrade Services
  • Application Management Service

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