Robotic Process Automation and Data Extraction

Today RPA bots can be used to integrate different pieces of a process together without the need of application level integrations (code level). Traditionally data extraction was performed using data extraction tools and extracted data was pushed to applications using code level integrations. With RPA, data extraction modules can be called by RPA Bots and eventually bots can update the data in the respective applications via GUI or APIs which is non-invasive in nature.


Intelligent Data Capture

Intelligent data capture

Universal and highly scalable data capture, document and form processing platform for organizations of any size and industry. Leverging Abbyy FC with automation tools like Uipath and Automation Anywhere enables end to end automation possibilities

Document Conversion Solution

Intelligent data capture

PDF software for efficiently working with documents – both PDFs and scans – in the digital workplace. Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on documents with ease. Vvolve uses ABBYY Fine Reader with in-house capabilities of pattern manipulations along with RPA tools to digitise the processes.

Data Extraction using Vvolve PDF Extractor

Intelligent data capture

vVolve has a data extractor tool which can be used along with RPA to extract details from Native PDF. This is a proven solution which leverages pattern recognition technology for the digital pdfs and is fully configurable which can be configured with RPA Bots to increase bots capabilities.

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