Open Text Data Analytics is an advanced analytics solution suitable for business analysts to perform various advanced analytics using simple drag and drop user interface without any need for programming. Users can easily access data from various sources systems to blend, explore and analyze without any dependence on IT.

Key Highlights

The following are some of the analytics offered by BDA:

Precise Sales forecasting

Sophisticated offers

Accurate segmentation

Behavior Grouping

Fraud, Attrition and Churn detection

Our Capabilities

Solution Implementation

  • Implementation of advanced analytics solutions which includes predictive analytics, social media analytics and text analytics
  • Define and implement dashboards, reports and self-service analytical solutions
  • Define extraction, transformation and loading
  • Building data warehouse and data marts
  • End to end BI solution deployment

Consulting services

  • BI environment assessment
  • Enterprise BI strategy and roadmap
  • BI Reporting framework
  • BI Tool/Technology evaluation
  • BI System review
  • Project/Program Management

Enhancement and Support

  • Our support specialist can help you in managing your existing BI landscape
  • Support your adhoc enhancement requirements
  • BI performance improvement and periodic maintenance

Upgrade and Migration

  • Upgrade your existing BI systems to the latest version
  • Migration of existing reports and dashboards from various BI platforms

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